Installing _all_ documentation?

Peter Simons simons at
Mon Sep 22 13:15:47 EDT 2003

Simon Marlow writes:

 > The same technique works for Happy, Haddock & Alex, except that
 > some of these (I forget which) didn't have the doc directory
 > included in the standard build, so you had to go into eg. happy/doc
 > and say 'make install-docs' explicitly.

Adding "SGMLDocWays := html" to each projects respective "mk/"
file builds the documentation just fine. Thanks for the help!

One more nit, though: "make install-docs" won't do anything in the
"haddock" and "happy" projects! For "alex", it works fine, but
installs the documentation to "${datadir}/html" whereas GHC installs
it documentation into "${datadir}/ghc-6.3/html", which seems to be
slightly inconsistent.


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