Arunkumar S Jadhav arunk at
Sun Sep 21 23:58:09 EDT 2003

> HOpenGL consists of two packages: OpenGL and GLUT, and the latter 
> the former, so
>     ghc -package GLUT --make Hello.hs

Nope :( says GLUT is unknown package.

> should work. To see which packages are installed, you can use
>     ghc-pkg -l
And surprizingly this gives the result

rts, base, haskell98, network, haskell-src, readline, unix, lang,
concurrent, posix, util, data, text, net, hssource

which means neither HOpenGL, nor GLUT comes preinstalled in 
ghc-6.0.1 :(. Any solutions ??

Arun Kumar S Jadhav,
MTech 1st Year,
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