segfault with heap profiling.

David Roundy droundy at
Sat Sep 20 09:25:54 EDT 2003

I've been getting a segfault whenever I try to run my program with
+RTS -hc (having compiled with profiling enabled).  Any idea what might
cause this, or how I might track it down?  I am using ghc 6.0.1, and see
this problem on both linux (debian testing) and macos X.  On macos X the
crash log looks like it's crashing in heapCensusChain.

My program uses ForeignPtrs quite a bit, so my only (rather weak) theory is
that perhaps the profiler is trying to look at the contents of my

In a sort of related question, is there any way I can make the heap size
decrease? In my test case, the memory usage peaks pretty early, and then it
keeps running for another few hours.  It would be nice if it could shrink
the heap again to release swap.  And actually, even though according to
+RTS -Sstderr my live memory usage drops, the heap size (as seen by top)
keeps going up (a megabyte every second or so) until the process gets
killed because it's eaten up all the swap and memory.  :(  I suspect the
problem may be in the allocation I'm doing via ForeignPtrs, but I'm not
sure how to track anything down without profiling working.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
David Roundy

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