stg_ap_v_ret porting crash: solved?

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Fri Sep 19 11:08:32 EDT 2003

> 1.- OK.  The "distrib/hc-build" migth not handle the 
> dependencies soundly.

What do you mean here?  Could you elaborate?

> Now I build on the target T as in the host H:
> cd hslibs/ && gmake boot && gmake
> cd ghc	 && gmake boot && gmake
> The "touch config.h" patch seems to solve the stg_ap_v_ret bug...
> 2.- Now the problem seems to be another one:
> bash-2.05$ ghc/compiler/ghc-inplace  hello.hs
> crash, and tracing the core it seems a problem having to do with gmp
> software:
> bash-2.05a$ gdb ghc-6.0.1 core
> # 0x1153a208 in __decodeFloat ()
> if I apply the "-v" flag, then
> bash-2.05$ ghc/compiler/ghc-inplace -v hello.hs
> bash-2.05a$ gdb ghc-6.0.1  core
> # 0x11554ae4 in __gmpn_tdiv_qr / ( qp=0x454ed518 ...)
> Any idea ?

Adding -v shouldn't make any difference!  Try using a debugging version
of the RTS (see mk/ for instructions).

Is the build attempting to use an already-installed copy of GMP, or is
it building the one in the tree?

> 3) Simon M. : For the time beeing this is the patch you can integrate
> safely into the CVS repository . I have read-only 
> permissions. There is no doubt on it.

Thanks.  I noticed that this was the same as the Solaris case, so I
merged the two.


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