GHC 6.2

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Thu Sep 18 10:12:36 EDT 2003

| > BTW, in GHC 6.2 with the -fglasgow-exts -farrows flags, you will be
| > to use either mdo or do...rec for monads and for arrows, as an
| > (Maybe "rec" wasn't such a great keyword to take from the identifier
| > space.)
| When can we expect 6.2?

[Widening to GHC users.]

Here's the GHC release situation.  We've forked the tree for 6.2.  Simon
M is doing a bunch of house-cleaning on it (principally eliminating
"casm", "ccall" and all their dirty cousins); there's still an open
question of how much of the "bound threads" stuff goes into it; and we
really have to fix the "errno bug", but there's some debate about
exactly how.  So the long and short of it is that if times were normal
we'd release 6.2 in two or three weeks.  

But times are not entirely normal.  Simon M is about to become a father
(a second child, human this time, to add to GHC), and this event may
distract him without warning.  So far we have not been regarding 6.2 as
ultra-urgent because we don't know of anyone who is really stuck with
6.0.  Please let us know if you are in fact stuck.


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