Syntax extensions (was: RE: The Future of Haskell discussion at the Haskell Workshop)

Simon Marlow
Wed, 10 Sep 2003 17:52:46 +0100

[ moved to ghc-users ]=20

> On Wednesday 10 September 2003 07:22 am, Hal Daume III wrote:
> > I agree with Malcolm, with the possible addition of:
> >
> >   keep -fglasgow-exts as it is (or, even, perhaps continue=20
> making it the
> > "add all extensions keyword).  also have -fffi, -farrows, -fth, etc.
> > but also have, -fnoth and -fnoffi.  that way, if a lot of=20
> us have code
> > that uses all the extensions other than TH and have lots of=20
> code that
> > looks like (foo$bar), we can just to -fglasgow-exts -fnoth.
> >
> > seems to be a win-win.
> I agree; I want a catch-all flag, but I also want to=20
> flexibility to be able=20
> to pick and choose.  Both -f<feature> and -fno<feature> is=20
> the way to go IMHO.

Ok, I've added -fth and -fimplicit-params (and the appropriate -fno-
forms).  The -fglasgow-exts flag will continue to imply these for the
time being, so nothing should break.