Porting GHC to powerpc-unknown-linux

Donald Bruce Stewart dons@cse.unsw.edu.au
Sat, 6 Sep 2003 00:01:08 +1000

> > I was a bit too soon reporting the sparc-sun-solaris2, two
> > attempts have died with stg_ap_v_ret. Same result sparc-*-openbsd.

> > Is there an endianess thing here? What is the endianess of the
> > amd64 and the powerpc? Are than any tricks I can try?
> Hmm.  I'm still wondering if AutoApply.hc is somehow wrong - has this
> file been re-generated on the target machine?  It should have been
> shipped with the HC files from the host machine.

No, it doesn't appear to have been regenerated, and is shipping
in the .hc file bundle from the host.

> Do you have GhcUnregisterised=YES in build.mk on the target machine for
> these builds?  Does it help if you add it and start the build from
> scratch on the target machine?

I didn't have it in build.mk (as per building.sgml). I added it
and rebuilt on the target machine, and it still hit stg_ap_v_ret

However, I'll look at Ian's files; he seemed to be doing quite a
few different things here and there, which gives me some
confidence. As you can probably tell, I'd like to nail down this
porting system.

-- Don