Unreg/registerised hc booting success

Donald Bruce Stewart dons@cse.unsw.edu.au
Wed, 3 Sep 2003 12:39:33 +1000

> simonmar:
> > Thanks for all this.  I recently went through the unregisterised
> > bootstrap process myself (for amd64), and I've written some detailed
> > instructions in the Building Guide - you might want to take a look and
> > see if you have anything to add.  
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> [3] i386-unknown-freebsd <- i386-unknown-openbsd
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Host: no changes!
> Target: 
> 1. Went through cleanly generating a compiler that dies with:
>    % ghc/compiler/ghc-inplace 
>      ghc-6.0.1: internal error: stg_ap_v_ret
>         Please report this as a bug to glasgow-haskell-bugs@haskell.org,
>         or http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/ghc/
>      This is the same bug I've been unable to resolve in ports [1,2]

Ok!! I just bootstrapped 6.0.1 on i386-*-freebsd using unregisterised 
.hc source from i386-*-openbsd. 

I carefully did exactly what was in building.sgml, (which I had tried
to before but I must then have been doing something systematically
wrong :( 

Anyway, this gives me some confidence that all the failed ports
were a systematic error on my part, not GHC's :D

    $ uname -msr
    FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE i386

    $ ghc/ghc-6.0.1/ghc/compiler/ghc-inplace                  
    ghc-6.0.1: no input files
    Usage: For basic information, try the `--help' option.

    $ ghc/ghc-6.0.1/ghc/compiler/ghc-inplace hello.hs 
        Failed to load interface for `Prelude':
            Could not find interface file for `Prelude'
            (use -v to see a list of the files searched for)

I'll solve this library thing, try and build a compiler. 
And then try a sparc.