Unreg/registerised hc booting success

Simon Marlow simonmar@microsoft.com
Tue, 2 Sep 2003 11:34:22 +0100

Hi Don,
> Here is a (long) summary of how I have bootstraped GHC on
> various os/arch combinations using 6.0.1 .hc source, including
> getting an unregisterised build, over the weekend.

Thanks for all this.  I recently went through the unregisterised
bootstrap process myself (for amd64), and I've written some detailed
instructions in the Building Guide - you might want to take a look and
see if you have anything to add. =20

For unregisterised bootstrapping, I don't recommend using hc-build.  The
resaon is that hc-build goes to some lengths to make a tree which is
safe to 'make install' in, and this isn't necessary for bootstrapping -
all you need to do is get to the "working compiler" stage, and then use
this to build a completely fresh tree.

I've applied your patches, with some small tweaks by myself to avoid
breaking the unregisterised bootstrap, which is normally done with a
compiler without interpreter support, hence the lack of the readline,
haskell-src and other libraries.