Building GHC on Mac OS X or Fixing readline

Kennis Koldewyn koldewyn at
Fri Oct 31 14:15:19 EST 2003

On Friday, Oct 31, 2003, at 08:56, Gregory Wright wrote:
> I've just made the GHC-6.0.1 port under darwinports work, so I know 
> what the problem is.
> (Actually, I know what the problem is because Wolfgang told me :-) )
> You're using gcc-3.3 and need to either compile HEAD from cvs or force 
> the build to
> use gcc-3.1. Try running configure as
> 	./configure --with-gcc=gcc3 --with-ghc='ghc -pgmP "gcc3 -E 
> -traditional"'

Well, it's been cranking along now for four or five hours, and is still 
compiling away, so that seems to be working.

> Regarding the second problem, whose dlcompat library are you using?

[/Users/kennis/] cd 
[...505X.pkg/Contents/Resources] cat
Title dlcompat
Version 20010505

What would I need to do if I got a more recent version (say 2003-06-29 

Thanks for your help,

- Kennis

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