unknown symbol `__stginit_List_'

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Wed Oct 29 10:32:14 EST 2003

Josef Svenningsson <josefs at cs.chalmers.se> writes:

> (This is when invoking ghci -package yahu)
> Loading package base ... linking ... done.
> Loading package yahu ... linking ...
> /.../chalmers.se/fs/cab/cs/work/proj/multi/pub/lib/yahu/Yahu/YahuHaskell.o:
> unknown symbol `__stginit_List_'
> ghc-6.0.1: panic! (the `impossible' happened, GHC version 6.0.1):
>         can't load package `yahu'
> I'm surprised by this. Why do I get this error message? From the name of
> the symbol I would expect that it can be found in package base but
> aparently not... Please advice.

The List module is not in package 'base', but in package 'haskell98'.
In your package.conf file for yahu, you probably just need to add an
explicit dependency on the 'haskell98' package.


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