"Job Opening" - Mac OS X 10.2 Binary Packages

Wolfgang Thaller wolfgang.thaller at gmx.net
Sat Oct 25 01:07:23 EDT 2003

On 25.10.2003, at 00:01, Diederik van Arkel wrote:

> Not necessary, the 10.3 dev tools includes the headers for 10.1 and 
> 10.2 so you can compile for all three OS revisions from your 10.3 box.

Well, but those are only easily accessible from Apple's Xcode IDE; I 
have no idea how to get the command-line GCC to use them, let alone how 
to get GHC's makefiles and configure script to pass the correct flags 
on to GCC.
And as I really dislike digging around in Makefiles and configure 
scripts, I think it would be much simpler if somebody else did the 10.2 



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