Faster, GHC, and floating point.

Andreas.Schroeder at Andreas.Schroeder at
Tue Oct 21 13:15:22 EDT 2003

Hi Simon,

> really performance-critical code.  Also this will tell you whether your
> performance problems are due to strictness/boxing or something else.  It
> should be possible to obtain the same performance as C++ (or better).

Are you shure about this? And why are you shure?
You put the blame on me for the bad performance of my code, and i can let
hold - i don't think that i am a haskell performance expert (though i am
a lot through you people - thanks a lot).

But i want to know if it is just _theoretically_ possible or really easily

See, i know of some C++ hackers who will eventually have to change to
This will get hard for them, and i don't know if they can get into complex
performance issues right from the start :-)

But i guess the C++ / Haskell comparison will look far better for Haskell
changing to computations with large data structures.
All i can tell by now is that Haskell works fine for me while C++ is ...
hard to program.

Andreas Schroeder

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