GHC with MS .Net 2003 C compiler

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at
Thu Oct 16 21:41:37 EDT 2003

Andreas.Schroeder at wrote,

> thanks for the help. Yes, i read the user docs for "earlier, faster,
> thriftier, smaller ..."  or a permutation of this,
> but i do not _really_ remember from my university time what strict
> functions are. Is by strict meant as in Formal OO that
> a function is trict iff its result is _|_ iff any of its arguments is _|_ ?

Yes, that's it.  In your code, you know that the values are
needed eventually; hence, there is no need to expend energy
on suspending some of the computations.  Moreover, you get a
more efficient data representation.

> I will try to use
> data Genauigkeit = Absolut {wert, intervall :: !Double}
>                  | Intervall !Double
> is that what you meant? 


Good luck,

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