import Prelude ([](..))

MartinSjögren md9ms at
Fri Nov 7 11:14:58 EST 2003

Hello ghc users!

In my experiments with analyzing Haskell programs, I frequently use my
own Prelude variants but want to import parts of the real Prelude for

In ghc 5, I could write:
  import Prelude ([](..))
and then use lists as usual. In ghc 6, though, I get:
  "parse error on input `['"

Is there a secret way to import the list type that I don't know of? Is
ghc 5 or ghc 6 wrong? :)

Using the "hiding" is not really an option, since I normally want just
one or two types from the Prelude and then provide other things myself.

Martin Sjögren
  sjogren at -- marvin at
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