Building GHC on Mac OS X or Fixing readline

Kennis Koldewyn koldewyn at
Wed Nov 5 15:46:43 EST 2003

Just to let everyone know how this all turned out:

1.  My build of GHC 6.0.1 using gcc 3.1 completed successfully, and 
Gregory's hint to run configure as:

	./configure --with-gcc=gcc3 --with-ghc='ghc -pgmP "gcc3 -E 

was the only change I needed to get it to work.

2.  My problem with the readline package has gone away with my new 
build.  However, Wolfgang tells me that my binary depends on the 
libreadline.dylib (version 4.3) I had installed at the time I made my 

Thanks again to Gregory and Wolfgang for your help!

- Kennis

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