Feature request

Tomasz Zielonka t.zielonka at students.mimuw.edu.pl
Wed Nov 5 19:10:13 EST 2003

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 06:20:27PM +0100, Josef Svenningsson wrote:
> Hi,
> Just a small feature request which has an extremely low priority.
> When using --show-iface it is potentially useful to be able to print the
> contents of more than one interface file. Just now I could have had use
> for such a functionality. As in:
> ghc --show-iface Foo*.hi

If you are working on a unix-like system, you can use shell for that:

  $ for f in *.hi; do ghc --show-iface $f; done


  $ ls *.hi | xargs -n1 ghc --show-iface

Best regards,

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