Transmitting Haskell values

Joachim Durchholz joachim.durchholz at
Mon Nov 3 14:50:38 EST 2003

Simon Marlow wrote:
> Generating a single unified index is entirely possible, given all the
> .haddock files for the relevant packages.  I'll try to get this into the
> next version of Haddock.


> As for the rest, this is all stuff that could/should be done by the
> library infrastructure (which is currently in in the design stage).

Fine - just take it as a data point what a single user would like to see.
Whatever that may be worth :-)

>>2. Remove the split between "type/class index" and 
>>index" in the Haddockish doc-index.html file.
> Yes, this is also something I'd like to do.
>>3. Some links in the indexes are bold, others aren't.
> The bold ones represent the *original* defining module for the entity,
> as compared to a module which just re-exports it.

Aaah... a mystery explained :-)

 > However, knowing this
> information isn't very useful,


 > and arguably it shouldn't be displayed to
> the user at all.

I'd consider the original defining point of an entity to be an 
implementation detail: if it will work the same whether it's defined in 
the top-level module or in some helper module, the caller wouldn't (and 
shouldn't have to) care about the difference.

 >  I'll change this for the next Haddock version.

Again, thank you!
And your response was very much appreciated.


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