Problems building ghc-current

Peter Simons
28 May 2003 11:16:54 +0200

Alastair Reid writes:

 > The attached diff (about to be committed) seems to fix the problem.

It does indeed -- thank you very much for your help!

One problem remains, though: When I build GHC from the top-level
directory, the build process does get the order right. It tries to
build »green-card/lib« before »green-card/src« is built -- thus
failing for the lack of »green-card.bin«.

When I say "make" in the »green-card« subdirectory, the build works
perfectly, though, and once green-card is built, the GHC build appears
to succeed as well. 

It's still compiling right now, so I can only be sure in a couple of
uh, ... hours. :-) But it looks good.