linking ghc object files with mingw-g++

Simon Peyton-Jones
Wed, 28 May 2003 08:31:41 +0100

I have never tried to link C++ with GHC stuff; I know that it has caused
people difficulties in the past.

If someone who has got it working cares to write up some notes on what
to do, I'll gladly incorporate them in the GHC users guide.  From what
Koen says, maybe it's possible!


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|  | I'm trying to link ghc object files with mingw's
|  | g++/ld...
| We have used the g++-2 compiler that you can get with Cygwin
| and it seems to work fine. (mingw-g++ and the normal g++ did
| not work for us.)
| Another hint: maybe you should give "-lstdc++" as a flag to
| the final linking fase.
| A final hint: I have heard rumours of people changing the
| linker that GHC uses to be g++'s linker, maybe that helps in
| your case. Apparently, some C++ code requires special
| treatment at linking time, something that normal ld does not
| do.
| /Koen
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