building ghc from source

Derek Elkins
Sun, 18 May 2003 21:02:26 -0400

On Mon, 19 May 2003 10:12:44 +1000
"Mike Thomas" <> wrote:

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>   Subject: RE: building ghc from source
>   Hi Johannes.
>   Notice that the build fails the first time that "ghc-inplace" gets
>   called.
> Now look back at your configure output and see the line:
>      checking whether we can open files in binary mode... no
>   which should read:
>      checking whether we can open files in binary mode... yes
>   The problem is that when this step goes wrong on Windows, the
>   compiler is
> built in such a way that it can't read binary files (eg "*.hi") 
> correctly.
>   I'm afraid I can't remember what caused this configuration test to
>   go
> wrong for me in the past, but I solved it by looking at the file
> "configure.log", which I suggest you do.  I seem to recall that, due
> to a compiler configuration problem, a header or library was not
> found, which meant that the test program was doomed to fail.
>   I can't say that this is the only problem you will have, but it is
> certainly fatal on Windows so:

The way I fix that problem is by changing the config.h (HAVE_O_BINARY)
to true (I'm not sure why it doesn't find it itself).  Most of the
other problems I have are usually path related.