Alignment of doubles in ghc

Simon Peyton-Jones
Mon, 12 May 2003 17:45:32 +0100


This paper discusses the eval/apply stuff in some detail


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| Simon Marlow wrote:
| > We've already made the switch to eval/apply for the next release of
| > However, deferring the entirety of stack management to an underlying
| > compiler is not that easy: we do accurate garbage collection, so we
| > to retain enough information about the compiler's idea of stack
| > in order to be able to find all the pointers during GC.  We
| > can't compile via C using an ordinary C compiler and leave the stack
| > management up to the C compiler.
| Is there anything published/unofficially available about it?
| I have pure academic interest in all that. I must say that rarely had
| the occasion to learn something more crunchy about the implementation
| of Haskell and FP than from the description of concrete solutions,
| as STG (and the implementation of Clean, and Appel's paper on the
| mentation of ML).
| Now, my white/bald hair tell me that the eval/apply model is something
| quite oriented towards strict evaluation paradigms, and I would enjoy
| much a thorough discussion of the implementation of laziness.
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