ghc-5.04.3-1.src.rpm -i

Simon Marlow
Mon, 12 May 2003 11:26:27 +0100

> There's a hidden gotcha in the rpm spec file (the file which gives=20
> instructions for building) - it only does a stage1 build,=20
> whereas ghci=20
> needs a stage2 build.  This is OK as long as it's understood by rpm=20
> builders that they need to build binary rpms using a previous install=20
> of 5.04.3.  We could probably trick up the spec file to be clever and=20
> trigger a stage2 build if it's necessary.

For version 6.0, let's have the spec file do a stage2 build by default.
It's much easier these days, you only need one source tree and just
saying "make" at the top-level will cause a stage2 build to happen.