interpreter in 5.04.3

Serge D. Mechveliani
Thu, 8 May 2003 15:37:03 +0400

Dear GHC team,

Is it possible to build  ghc-5.04.3  
with interpreter?
For we have installed it from RPM, and it reports that  ghci
would not work.

Concerning my previous question on packages:
Makefile prepares  docon.conf  by 

  packDocon = Package {name            = "\"docon\"",  \
                       import_dirs     = ["\"$(e)\""], \
                       source_dirs     = ["\"$(e)\""], \
                       library_dirs    = ["\"$(e)\""], \
                       hs_libraries    = ["\"HSdocon\""], \
  ...   echo $(packDocon) | ghc-pkg -f $(s)/docon.conf -a

With  ghc-5.04.3,  this leads to   

  Reading package info from stdin... done.
  Expanding embedded variables...done.
  cannot find `libHSdocon.a' on library path

Simon Marlow writes

> The error is self-explanatory: it can't find libHSdocon.a on the path
> given in the package specification.  It looks like you might have some
> extra quotation marks in there.

This DoCon installation aims at the following meaning:

  initially,  HSdocon.o, libHSdocon.a  are absent,
  compile DoCon modules
  making libraries  $(e)/HSdocon.o, $(e)/libHSdocon.a,
  and these libraries have to link when using the  package docon.

It works in  ghc-5.02
             (see,  version 2.06,  Makefile),

and quotations look all right, because it is in Makefile and it 
issues `echo' ...
But in  ghc-5.04.3,  Makefile needs to skip "HSdocon",
and someone has to set it to  docon.conf  after the installation. 

Maybe, it is a trivial question, but still I wonder how to improve
Makefile in a proper way.

With kind regards,

Serge Mechveliani