ADV: Chipworks to analyze the Broadcom BCM2050 2.4 GHz Radio Single Chip

20 Mar 2003 15:02:04 -0500


Broadcom BCM2050 2.4 GHz Radio Single Chip

The Industry's First 54 Mbps, 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN Solution

Broadcom's new offering is a two-chip, all CMOS solution that employs a direct conversion architecture and is the most integrated, highest performing 2.4 GHz solution available in the industry. The new Broadcom(R) BCM4306 baseband/MAC (media access controller) chip combines with the BCM2050 2.4 GHz radio to enable 54 Mbps connectivity in the 2.4 GHz radio frequency band.

Chipworks has just received this device and will be producing a Full Circuit Analysis of the BCM2050 2.4 GHz radio single chip. As work commences on this device, we are looking for commitment from our clients and in return will offer this report at a one-time pre-sale price of $50K USD. Additionally, on-going project status and preliminary analysis information will be available to early purchasers of this report.

Completion of this report is dependant on customer interest. Sign up now to take advantage of this limited time offer and guarantee delivery of key competitive information.

The Broadcom BCM 2050 2.4GHz Circuit Analysis Report will be available in July 2003.

Chipset Features

-Two chip, 802.11g chipset 
-Composed of BCM2050 Radio-on-a-chip (RoC), BCM4306 Baseband Processor 
-Maximum data rate of 54Mbps when operating in IEEE 802.11g 
-Fully backwards compatible with 802.11b devices, maximum data rate of 11Mbps 
-OFDM modulation in IEEE 802.11g mode, CCK, DQPSK, DBPSK in 802.11b 
-Hardware encryption, full 128-bit WEP, hardware AES supporting WPA, CCM, OCB, 802.11i 
-Operates at frequencies in the range of 2.4-2.497 GHz 
-Range of 50m at 54Mbps in IEEE 802.11g 
-Full CMOS design
-First 54Mbps, 2.4GHz WLAN device on market 
-Better area coverage than 802.11a at same data rate

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