trouble linking with -O and unboxed tuple

Simon Marlow
Wed, 19 Mar 2003 09:39:17 -0000

> With ghc 5.04.2 I'm having some trouble linking (debian linux).
> Here's the error I get:
>    /home/bjpop/woo/lib/buddha-0.5/libbuddha_p.a(Partial.o):=20
>    In function `s1jZ_fast1':
>    Partial.o(.text+0xa44): undefined reference to=20
> `GHCziPrim_zdwZ2H_entry'

Ok, could you help us out by doing the following: compile Partial.o,
using exactly the same flags you were using to demonstrate the problem,
but add -ddump-simpl -dppr-debug -ddump-stg and send us the output.
Also the source for the module would help too.