Simon Marlow
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 16:12:11 -0000

>     - in Network.Socket: SocketOptions may include Linger, but=20
>       setSocketOptions uses packSocketOptions, which doesn't know
>       about Linger?

That looks like a bug, thanks.

>       And shouldn't Linger be on by default for the=20
>       high-level Network lib?

It looks that way to me, but perhaps a Network Guru could comment?

>     - using hFlush does *not* seem to cure the problem??

That's worrying, and it perhaps indicates that there's another problem
somewhere.  I just tried a small test and hFlush does appear to do the
right thing, so do you think you could boil down your example to
something small that demonstrates the problem?  Does it happen only on
Windows, or Un*x too?