DuplexHandle finalizer fix missing...

Keean Schupke k.schupke@imperial.ac.uk
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 17:01:18 +0000

Well if its any help, I have now done extensive testing on a server that 
opens connections
using connectTo, and hGetContents - and without these two fixes, it 
dies, with them it seems
rock solid (ie make connection, randomly break connection - repeat for 
several hours, examine
sockets on server and there are no hanging sockets.) Without the 
finalizer fix there will be lots
of CLOSE_WAIT write handles, without the connectTo exception-handler you 
get the odd socket
of unknown type hanging about ... I have added the fixes by hand to a 
source copy of 5.04.3 on the
assumption that they will (hopefully) make it into the next rev.

    Keean Schupke

Simon Marlow wrote:

>>    I have also noticed the fix for DuplexHandle finalizers is not in 
>>this release, I believe the finalizer
>>should be attached to the write side (which is pointed to by the read 
>>side) but its still attached to the
>>read side as in previous versions... Once again this is a 
>>critical fix, 
>>as otherwise applications keep one
>>half of the connection open until they quit, or crash due to lack of 
>Darn!  That fix is sitting in my tree uncommitted because I never got
>around to testing it properly.  Sigh, I think I need a holiday :-(
>/me wanders off looking a bit sheepish.
>	Simon
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