fix missing from 5.04.3 ???

Keean Schupke
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 09:06:59 +0000

Previous 5.04 releases had an exception handler missing from connectTo 
that results in a socket leaking if socketToHandle fails for some reason 
(I cant remember the exact circumstances at the moment, but it causes a 
server to die - I think the leak is caused when the client closes the 
connection during the handshake - ie somebody presses stop on a web 
browser because of a slow connection after the handshake has just 
started) - I suggested a fix along the lines of:

connectTo hostname (Service serv) = do
    proto <- getProtocolNumber "tcp"
    port <- getServicePortNumber serv
    he <- getHostByName hostname
    sock <- socket AF_INET Stream proto
        connect sock (SockAddrInet port (hostAddress he))
        socketToHandle sock ReadWriteMode) `Control.Exception.catch` (\e 
-> do sClose sock; throw e)

    This seems to be missing from 5.04.3 - this fix is important for 
reliability in a production server, what happened - does this cause 
problems in other places?

    Keean Schupke.