ANNOUNCE: GHC vesrion 5.04.3 released

Simon Marlow
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 17:10:16 -0000

> Actually, I find it difficult to extract the sometimes drastic
> differences between releases from that document (just one example:
> does this release include last week's bugfixes in the Network
> module?). How do I find out about the various bugfixes between
> releases, to decide whether or not to upgrade (and whether or not
> upgrading will help with specific problems)?
> After all, the reason for patchlevel releases is that you've fixed
> some bugs, so why be so secretive about what these fixes are?-)

The release notes doesn't contain bugfixes, and the reason we don't have
a list of them is because I'm too lazy to keep track of what bug fixes
have been merged in, sorry!=20

The Network fix wasn't merged in (just too late).

Ok, I'll take a look at the diffs and summarise the fixes... here goes:

  - Literal strings could be duplicated sometimes

  - fixes for deriving Eq/Enum on large datatypes in GHCi

  - -no-hs-main has a sensible meaning in --make mode now
    (it forces linking even if there's no Main)

  - Fix for avoiding recompilation when there are stub files
    around (didn't pick up the stubs properly before)

  - Fixes for FFI decls containing type variables

  - MacOS X fixes for GHCi

  - Filenames with spaces don't cause problems in GHCi now
  - GHCi doesn't get confused if your code installs a
    signal handler for ^C
  - -pgmL now works as advertised

  - specifying filenames without the trailing .hs/.lhs works
    again in --make and GHCi.

  - Fix for "class ops that do not introduce foralls" (a
    cause of crashes with certain kinds of class methods).

  - Fix a crash when a class op is used as a record selector

  - Fix for deriving on records with fields with names with=20
    leading underscores.

  - Fixes for passing/returning FunPtr in the FFI

  - hsc2hs works in a binary distribution

  - Fixes for crashes in the biographical and retainer

  - Some signals were inadvertently blocked by the RTS

  - Uninitialised variable in the storage manager causes

  - Fix for hp2ps -c=20

  - hsc2hs should now work on Windows
  - Fix off-by-one in Data.PackedString.splitWithPS

  - uninitialised elements in UArrays are now filled with zero.

  - Integer divide by zero is now consistently a catchable
    exception (previously it could just result in SIGFPE).

  - Fix for terminal buffering on Solaris

  - System.Console.GetOpt fixes

  - Fix for converting Integer to Int64/Word64

  - Network.accept doesn't fail if the host fails to