Stack profiling

Wolfgang Thaller
Tue, 4 Mar 2003 20:20:08 +0100

I had wanted to CC this to the list, but of course I forgot:

> Stephen Pitts <> wrote:
>> Is there an easy way to profile stack usage without rebuilding with 
>> ticky-ticky profiling? I have two implementations of an algorithm; 
>> the one with straight lists seems to use constant stack, while the 
>> one with a JoinList is eating up stack at an O(n) rate.
> No idea. I haven't used all features of the profiler yet. I'm taking 
> the liberty of CCing the mailing 
> list, I hope somebody else can provide an answer.
>> If not, could I have your build script to generate a MacOS X package 
>> for a rebuilt GHC with ticky-ticky libraries? No matter what I do, 
>> all roads lead to rebuilding from source ;-).
> There's no build script for making Mac OS X packages - I need to use 
> Apple's GUI tools to create the package, and the rest is a relatively 
> simple matter of configure and make.
> You'd have to download the source, create a file saying that 
> you want ticky-ticky profiling, and then configure, make and make 
> install...
> Cheers,
> Wolfgang