Network on Win98: failed - socket - no error ??

Claus Reinke
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 12:14:40 -0000

I'm playing with the Network library (the recommended portable way?) and
have a surprising problem with a simple client/server example. As the same
program works fine on Solaris and Win2k, I suspect its a standard "feature"
and someone here with more network programming experience might be 
able to enlighten me?

- Server: listenOn port, then accept handle and enter loop, echoing from
    handle to stdout
- Client: connectTo "localhost" port, then enter loop echoing from 
    stdin to handle

Both programs work on Solaris and Win2k, but fail on Win98, with:

    Fail: failed
    Action: socket
    Reason: No error

which would be merely amusing, I guess, if I knew what it meant, and
what to do about it?