Changes in the Core language file syntax since GHC5.02?

Simon Peyton-Jones
Mon, 23 Jun 2003 08:59:12 +0100

Don pointed to the source code, but the human-readable document really
should be updated too.
Would anyone like to volunteer?  Preferably someone who's been using
Core a bit.  (I think the changes are only minor, though.)

I'm always interested to know what you are using it for, too!


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| Subject: Changes in the Core language file syntax since GHC5.02?
| Hi,
| I asked this in the fa.haskell newsgroup, but since this is more
| GHC-specific, maybe this list is a better place to ask.
| I am trying to learn the syntax of Core language files using the paper
| by Andrew Tolmach named "An External Representation for the GHC Core
| Language". This was a draft for the version 5.02. Have there been any
| improvements to the Core language definitions since that version and
| during the v6.0 implementation? Are they summarized in a document? Or
| maybe a fresher version of the paper is available?
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