state of ghc6 on sparc

Alastair Reid
Thu, 19 Jun 2003 11:46:43 +0100

On Thursday 19 June 2003 11:06 am, Malcolm Wallace wrote:
> As I see it, the main problem is reproducing all the keybindings.
> I'm certain that every user of readline has their own habitual set
> of emacs keystrokes that differs slightly from everyone elses, so
> inevitably the full complement will need to be supported.  Then there
> is parsing of the .inputrc file which can /re/bind any keystroke.
> And of course, just to be awkward, there are vi-mode users like me,
> where the keystroke set is entirely different anyway.

It would be nice to have those bindings but just having backspace and 
left-right cursors work would already be a huge improvement over nothing.