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11 Jun 2003 20:56:20 +0200

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ons 2003-06-11 klockan 20.04 skrev Koen Claessen:
>  | Ghci and Template Haskell show that it is possible to
>  | compile and load a module into a running program.  Is
>  | there a user interface to do that?  Would one be
>  | possible?  Would that make a Haskell analog of Yaws
>  | (yaws.hyber.org) possible?
>  |
>  | For those who don't know Yaws: It is a web server
>  | written in Erlang that can compile and load Erlang
>  | code embedded in HTML files to produce dynamic pages.
>  | I have played with it a bit, and it seems useful to
>  | me, but I would prefer Haskell over Erlang.
> A student here at Chalmers, made a project rather like that:
> http://www.dum.chalmers.se/~marvin/hws-wp/

Thanks for the advertising. ;) Unfortunately, that server is broken.
I've put up a (hopefully complete) copy on


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