directories not closed?

Simon Marlow
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 11:50:49 +0100

> I regularly call getDirectoryContents on a certain directory=20
> looking for
> changes, when I 'lsof' my process (list open files) it has an absurd
> number of open descriptors to said directory open. I didn't see an
> obvious bug in getDirectoryContents, does anyone know what is=20
> going on?

Hmm.  It looks fine to me: I just tried a test doing
getDirectoryContents repeatedly on the same directory and it re-uses the
same descriptor each time.

An strace might be useful...

> Also, did the fixes for sockets not getting properly closed all the
> time make it into 6.00? I am trying to track down some out of=20
> descriptor problems.

Yes, all the fixes to Network are in 6.0.