Mon, 21 Jul 2003 08:39:59 +0200

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From:   George savimbi <>
Date:   Sun, 20 July 2003 18:16:56 -0700 
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From-fatimat bedie
I got your contact through the World Trade
Organisation (W.T.O). I decided to contact you on a
mutual business relationship. My name is Miss fatimat konan  Bedie the 
daugther of former president Henri Konan
Bedie of cote dIvoire, who was unfortunately toppled
in a military coup in Dec. 1999 by General Robert
Guei.As at when the military junta struck, and
overthrew the elected government of my father, he was
forced to go into exile in France while some of his
ministers and close aids ran to other countries.

When my father was in power, I was co-ordinating his
special businesses, and was also in charge of all his
deposit account with different financial instituions
in Europe.

To this Switzerland and Luxembourg Government have
already responded by exposing many of my familys
bank account in their country. It is based on this
development that i have the mandate of my father to
contact you and request you specifically to assist my
family, by helping us to secure this deposit we have
with a financial institution in Europe, which amounts 
to( US$35M),Thirty Five million US dollars. This
will make it impossible for the new Government in
in my country, to have access to this fund.

  It is base on the fact that I am requesting you to
assist us in putting this sum of money in safe keeping
by accepting to receive it from the financial
institution on our behalf by changing the name and
signatory of the account into yours so that it will
not have any link to my family and for that reason, my
country will not find it.

I will furnish you the details of this transaction if
you accept to assist. For your efforts we will discuss
what remuneration i will give you when you reply.

  Because of the urgency this issue requires. you
should reach me on the above e-mail addresses. Do not
forget to include your telephone and fax numbers while
replying to this message.

  I wait for your quick response.

  Best regards.

  fatimat Konan Bedie.