ghc/cygwin filename resolution issue.

Simon Marlow
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 11:12:44 -0000

> {another candidate for the ghc faq?-}

By all means - or possibly the section of the Building Guide devoted to
Win32 builds.  Would anyone like to write a concise description of the
filename issues on Windows/cygwin/GHC for the docs?

I'm certainly not an expert here, but I believe the problems stem from
trying to use pathnames that have special meaning to cygwin tools.  GHC
is not built with cygwin (at least not by default) so there's no special
pathname processing going on except that '/' is accepted instead of '\',

I don't think you have to install cygwin in C:\.  At least, my
installation is under C:\cygwin, and I'm pretty sure it worked to build
GHC last time I tried.