Profiling trouble

Ferenc Wagner
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 13:43:27 +0100


something interesting turned up again.  Setting cut=8 in
Show2.hs and running it with ./show +RTS -h -i0.01 gives

show: fatal error: main thread has been GC'd

It may be silly, since 0.01 < 1/50, but this error message
isn't too helpful.  Btw, +RTS -? says:

  -i<msec>       Time between heap samples (msec, default: 100)

which is wrong (time is given in seconds really).

One more question: is there a way not to truncate the call
stacks?  Ie in the hp file I see lines like

(144)showData2/showData/ma...   12

and I'd like to see showData2/showData/main or so.

                                Cheers: Feri.