Calling ghc dll's with MSVC++ code

Kevin S. Millikin
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:48:03 -0600

Hmmm, I just now came across this:

   "I'm not confident that creating Haskell DLLs is working at the
    moment.  Has anyone else done it?"

I have.  Or rather, I haven't.  The example in Section 11.4 of the
User's Guide doesn't work.  The call to "startupHaskell()" hangs
forever (or as long as I'm willing to wait).

It works fine when the exact same call to startupHaskell is linked

   "Trouble is, there isn't yet a critical mass of DLL users to be
    sure that it works and stays working.  Which is a bit of a chicken
    and egg problem.  Windows programmers unite!"

Is two a critical mass?
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