Two Questions: 'memory consumption' and '-pgmL'

Simon Peyton-Jones
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 08:39:17 -0000

It's also entirely possible that GHC is using more memory than it really
needs.  We haven't done a space audit recently.

Sometimes these things are program dependent.  Would you like to cut
down your program a bit, till it needs a mere 128M or so, and forward it
to us?  Or you could just wait... we are planning to look at space in
the next month or so.


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| Simon Marlow writes:
|  > I would try -c first (turn on the compacting collector). Adding
|  > more generations (eg. -G3) might help, and setting a maximum heap
|  > size (eg. -M512m) will cause GHC to try to trim down its memory use
|  > when it gets close to this boundary.
| Unfortunately neither of that helped. It appears that ghc simply
| _needs_ that amount of memory. No matter what option I gave, at one
| point it hit the 800 MB limit and aborted. (I specified -M800 because
| if it used more memory than that, the machine stood basically still
| with thrashing.)
| Looks like I'll have to support the memor chip industry ... The
| problem is that if a 512MB machine cannot compile it, I wonder how the
| _users_ of my program will get along. I guess they'll tend to have
| smaller machines than the average software developer does.
|         -peter
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