Two Questions: 'memory consumption' and '-pgmL'

Peter Simons
09 Jan 2003 21:54:09 +0100

Simon Marlow writes:

 > I would try -c first (turn on the compacting collector). Adding
 > more generations (eg. -G3) might help, and setting a maximum heap
 > size (eg. -M512m) will cause GHC to try to trim down its memory use
 > when it gets close to this boundary.

Unfortunately neither of that helped. It appears that ghc simply
_needs_ that amount of memory. No matter what option I gave, at one
point it hit the 800 MB limit and aborted. (I specified -M800 because
if it used more memory than that, the machine stood basically still
with thrashing.)

Looks like I'll have to support the memor chip industry ... The
problem is that if a 512MB machine cannot compile it, I wonder how the
_users_ of my program will get along. I guess they'll tend to have
smaller machines than the average software developer does.