Profiling question

Simon Peyton-Jones
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 09:18:40 -0000

Not currently.  It's not clear what a "point" in execution *is*!
The top-level IO monad thread might provide such a point, but even then
it might not be clear how much of a lazy data structure had been
evaluated by that "point".

I could see sense in having an I/O operation
	markProfile :: String -> IO ()
which would put a labelled vertical line on the profile to say when that
"point" was.


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| Hi,
| I'd like to be able to determine the percentage of allocated objects
of a
| particular type at specific points in a program's execution. I know
that I
| can use heap profiling to create a graph of memory usage broken down
by type,
| but is there any way to record this information at particular points
in the
| program (i.e., between two statements in a do-expression)?
| Thanks,
| Kirsten
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