How to build ghci?

Simon Marlow
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 11:12:32 -0000

> Thank's very much Andre. Now that I look for it, I did find=20
> this in the FAQ.
> (I looked at the building guide but missed the FAQ!)
> I'm still confused however. I though that with the whole two (three?)
> stage bootstraping process you get a version of ghc built with itself
> anyway, no? Maybe the ghc gurus could enlighten us. :-)
> If it requires an extra time consuming step, could it be a ./configure
> option? --enable-ghci

In 5.04.x you have to manually bootstrap - that is, you have to have two
build trees, and you build the compiler in the second tree using the
compiler built in the first tree.

In the current CVS sources, the procedure is somewhat easier: a 'make'
from the top-level will automatically to a 2-stage bootstrap, and there
are options for doing 3-stage or just a 1-stage build too.