The semantics of Core?

Martin Sjögren
18 Feb 2003 10:55:23 +0100

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tis 2003-02-18 klockan 09.49 skrev Simon Peyton-Jones:
> I don't know of any separate description of the semantics of Core, but it=
's just the lambda calculus with let, letrec and case.  There's plenty of c=
ode that works over Core in GHC itself, but no separate libraries.  There i=
s a library to parse the stuff that ghc -fext-core spits out, though.

I was more interested in the strictness properties. The way I understood
it, Core case is strict?

I looked at utils/ext-core and now I'm stuck at producing all the .hcr
files needed. I just can't think of a good way of getting .hcr files
from all modules that Prelude imports. I've tried tricks with -fno-code
and tricks with --make -no-hs-main but to no avail so far. With

ghc --make -fglasgow-exts -fext-core -no-hs-main Prelude.hs

I get

GHC/Base.lhs:84: parse error on input `#'

If I pass -cpp too, I get

    failed to load interface for `GHC.Err':
        Bad interface file: GHC/Err.hi-boot
            does not exist
Action: openFile
Reason: No such file or directory
File: GHC/Err.hi-boot

I'm confused. All manner of help appreciated. :)


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