The semantics of Core?

Martin Sjögren
18 Feb 2003 09:18:10 +0100

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I'm looking for a paper or some other documentation on the exact
semantics of Core. I've read the paper about the concrete syntax, and it
briefly mentions the abstract syntax and something about the case
expression, but not a lot. Unless I missed something?

I'm also looking for actual code for working with Core. :) The
Language.Haskell.* stuff gives me a very high-level representation of
Haskell source, and I'd rather work with something simple, like Core. I
*suppose* I could use ghc -fvia-ext or helium -C or something like that,
and then parse the file it spits out, but it feels like a long way to go
when there should be shortcuts available. Another way is to rip out the
code from ghc or helium that does this, but that's not so nice either :(

Any suggestions?


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