awaitEval in Concurrent Haskell

Colin Runciman
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 11:04:42 +0000


>It may be possible to get the two representations together by applying the
>predicate to a "reader" for x, generated from x, which would complement 
>something like Hood's "writer" for x, generated from x. Just as the context
>demanding parts of x isn't aware of triggering observations, the predicate
>depending on parts of x need not be aware of having to wait for those
>observations, and MVars could provide the plumbing between the implicit
>readers and writers. See below for an outline.
Thanks for this further suggestion.  A solution along these lines might be
possible, but it would still be restricted in comparison with something
based on a more "global" awaitEval: the availability of data would only
be detected if the demand that prompted its evaluation was in the context
of the assertion-tagged expression.  Yes?

Colin R