GHCi-5.04.2: Windows Open with ... problem.

Martin Norbäck
14 Feb 2003 14:07:39 +0100

fre 2003-02-14 klockan 09.41 skrev Simon Peyton-Jones:
> We˙ll merge the fix into the 5.04 branch.  We˙re planning another 5.04
> release (5.04.4), which has numerous small fixes, sometime ´soonĄ, but
> exactly when depends on demand.  When would you need it for your
> course?

Will this release include the -odir fix (the one for hiearchical names)?

We are having problems in a particular case:

We are building a program which contains of a number of haskell files,
and a C wrapper that calls the haskell functions. When compiling the
haskell files header files are generated, which are needed to compile
the C wrapper. We do this something like this

ghc --make Module.hs -odir lib
gcc -c wrapper.c
ghc wrapper.o odir/*.o

Do we have to wait for a version that does -odir correctly, or is there
a better way to do this? The problem is that if we compile without -odir
the object files are generated where the source files are, and those
directories (it's our custom haskell libraries) include a lot of source
and object files that should not be part of this program.



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