sockets (ghc-5.04.1)

Volker Stolz
Fri, 7 Feb 2003 12:39:31 +0100

Am 06. Feb 2003 um 21:53 CET schrieb Peter Thiemann:
> and then duplicated part of my code. One thing that I found annoying
> was that the Protocol argument of
> Network.Socket.socket
> is not well specified. The type Protocol is abstract, but is a member
> of class Read. However, the Read syntax is nowhere specified. So I
> tried
> do sock <- socket AF_UNIX Stream (read "0")
> which works, but I'm sure that more informative strings work, too.

Hm, ghc-5.04.2 compiles
	sock <- socket AF_UNIX Stream 0
just fine. Are you maybe looking for Network.BSD.getProtocolBy*?
[ProtocolNumber is just a typdef for CInt]
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