ghc/cygwin filename resolution issue.

Malcolm Wallace
Mon, 3 Feb 2003 18:09:06 +0000

Alex Ferguson <> writes:

> (This was all motivated, btw, by trying to build HaXml under ghc/cygwin,
> which fell for me at the first hurdle of "first catch your hmake" in the
> recipe.  I've now gotten as far as a _build_ of hmake, but it then runs
> into similar issues with its own use of the f/s (rc files and what-not).
> If anyone has this one down pat already, they might save my tired brain
> some pain, otherwise I'll summarise to the list if and when I get some
> sort of resolution myself.)

I am planning to release a new version of hmake (and other tools)
very soon, and would really *really* like to get these Cygwin problems
licked once and for all.

To this end, I have rolled a "release candidate" of hmake-3.07, which
I would implore at least one Cygwin user, preferably a couple more,
to test-drive before I make a proper release.

Please mail me with successes as well as failures.  By the way, Claus's
summary of the problem + fixes was extremely helpful, and I hope it has
clarified things sufficiently for me to get it nearly right this time!